Problematizing Cyber Wars

Call for Papers: CyberOrient: Online Journal of the Virtual Middle East. Submission deadline: September 30, 2014 (Full Papers) Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Martin Varisco Guest Editor: Helga Tawil-Souri  Aim According to military analysts, since the 1991 Gulf War and even more so since the Hezbollah-Israel 2006 war, we have entered a new phase …

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War Reporters Under Threat


New book by Chris Paterson War Reporters Under Threat critically explores the disturbing press protection records of the very democracies which publically advocate free expression.  Paterson argues that what should have been the lesson for the press following the invasion of Iraq – that they will be treated instrumentally by …

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Art in Battle Conference

An international research conference about art, ideology and politics. 14th to 16th August, University of Bergen What battles were fought over art in Nazi Germany, 1933–1945? How did artists respond to the Nazi regime? How was art used as propaganda during the German occupation in Norway? ART IN BATTLE takes …

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UK MOD publishes Global Strategic Trends

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Published by the UK Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, ‘Global Strategic Trends’ offers an analysis of the future strategic context for defence to 2040. The following is quoted from the document: “The DCDC approach goes beyond solely identifying potential future defence and security challenges to which our Armed Forces will have to …

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Baudrillard and War

SPECIAL ISSUE of International Journal of Baudrillard Studies Guest Editor: Dr. Dan Oberg, Department of Military Science, Swedish Defense College, Stockholm, Sweden. Table of Contents We are a long way from annihilation, holocaust and atomic apocalypse, the total war which functions as the archaic imagination of media hysteria. …Just as …

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The Business of War Photography Conference


Producing and Consuming Images of Conflict Durham University and Durham Light Infantry Museum & Durham Art Gallery, UK 31 July to 1 August 2014 The intersection of photography and war encompasses a broad and complex field. Yet conceptually, “war photography” is often restricted to the activities of photojournalists producing aesthetically …

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Representing the Second World War, Genocide, the Holocaust: Modernist Confluences and Divisions


With interdisciplinary emphasis, this Seminar will explore transnational and multi-media art responding to the global cataclysms of the Second World War.  We will examine confluences, divisions, and tensions among artistic, critical, and documentary responses related to perpetration, resistance, victimization, collaboration, memory, and silence at any site. Suggested topics: racialist and antisemitic …

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Image-Movement-Story Symposium

Image-Movement-Story Symposium University of Roehampton, Saturday 14 June 2014. Image-Movement-Story is an international symposium focusing on practice as research and practice based research, exploring inter-disciplinary approaches to still and moving image and the relationship between artefact and audience.  Themes for discussion include Trans Disciplinary Documentary Use of Archives; Narratives and Representations …

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Unseen Enemy: War Stories in Public Spaces

REFRAME Conversations‘ video Unseen Enemy: War Stories in Public Spaces draws on the British National Army Museum’s “Unseen Enemy” exhibition (2013-2014) to explore the ways in which museums – as cultural public spaces – are used to tell stories of war and the combat experience.   The Unseen Enemy exhibition, which told a story of Improvised …

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