In our 15th year anniversary, and as editors of the journal Media, War and Conflict, we propose that this is the ideal time to assess how new actors, technologies, and global power struggles have challenged the relationship between media and conflict is since our first issue was published in April 2008.

We intend to hold a number of events in 2023 to explore this, and celebrate our 15th year. The Media, War and Conflict journal has a thriving community of contributors, many of whom participated in our 5th anniversary conference in London, our 10th anniversary conference in Florence, and we hope to use this 15th anniversary year to expand our community.

Our first event is a pre-conference event on 25th May 2023 at the International Communication Association annual conference in Toronto, Canada, ‘Reimagining the Field of Media, War and Conflict in the Age of Information Disorder . You can find the conference programme and full details here