CFP: Journalism, Diaspora and Conflict

Call for Chapters:

The migrant crisis in Europe and in other parts of the world due to conflict is a challenge not only to the political establishment in terms of policy response, but also to the diasporic media in terms of their professional ideology. While the diasporic media plays connective and orientation roles for the diaspora groups in peace time, we have little understanding of the perception of their role in conflict situation and how reporting it challenges their professional ideology of objectivity, autonomy, public service, immediacy and ethics. Hence, this edited book aims to capture these and other issues, including but not limited to, how diasporic communities or agencies use it as a platform for articulating conflict resolution initiatives.

Please send a short abstract detailing the chapter title, theory, method(s) and case study. Please provide a paragraph of ‘bionote’ and contact details with your abstract.

Last date for receiving abstracts (300 words): 4 April, 2016.

Abstract confirmed: 28 April 2016. Deadline for draft full paper: 30 September, 2016.

Email to Dr Ola Ogunyemi and Dr Sanem Şahin