Culture in Conflict

Sixth Military Anthropology Workshop, Cranfield University, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, 10th June 2013 

As in previous years, the annual Military Anthropology Workshop at Cranfield University will provide a forum for military anthropologists to share information about their work and address pertinent issues.

The agenda for the Workshop will be loose, as is customary in this forum.  However, we intend to start with ‘reports from the field’ where delegates are invited to describe their recent and current research and plans for the future.  This item gives everyone present the opportunity to ask for more information, to discuss areas of common interest and to identify overlaps in research design and practice.

This year we will also be discussing the practicalities and timetable for bringing together the combined experience in Military Anthropology into a single publication or a range of publications.  The intention of these publications will be to demonstrate in a coherent way what the discipline comprises and its unique features.

In the 2012 Workshop, Professor Brian Selmeski (Deputy Director for Plans & Policies at the US Air Force Culture & Language Center at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and Co-Chair of the Workshop) proposed a distinction between ‘Anthropology of the Military’ and ‘Anthropology for the Military’.  The former consists of research among military personnel, while the latter consists of research on behalf of the Military, often among indigenous people in areas of operational interest.  It is intended that publications in both topic areas will be discussed

Although this Workshop provides a forum for professional anthropologists to discuss their work, non-specialists with an interest in the military are also welcome to participate as stakeholders in the output of Military Anthropology.

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