Deadline 10th Jan CFP: Spaces of War, War of Spaces

Media, War and Conflict Journal 10th Anniversary Conference

May 22nd-23rd 2018

Accademia Europea Di Firenze, Florence, Italy.

Deadline for abstracts: 10th January 2018


Film Screening:

Editor’s Special All Women Plenary on Women, Conflict and Journalism

  • Organised by MWC editors Sarah Maltby, Ben O’Loughlin, Katy Parry and Laura Roselle. Details to be confirmed.

The journal was born in the midst of a global war on terror that locked down time and space such that all conflicts seemed to become part of a single campaign. Since then there have been significant transformations in the way war and conflict is produced, enacted, negotiated, remembered and ‘felt’ in, through and with media.

The aim of the tenth anniversary conference is to consider, evaluate and reflect upon these transformations through the themes: Spaces of War and War of Spaces.

  • Spaces of War allows us to analyse how media spaces (traditional, digital, cultural, aesthetic, embodied, mnemonic) are used to position wars in space and time in a manner that transforms the conduct, outcomes and consequences of war for all involved.
  • War of Spaces allows us to analyse how ‘war’ actors (political, military, survivors, victims) utilize, integrate and compete over (media) space thereby recreating space and time in a manner that is transformative across political, social, cultural and personal spheres.

Drawing on these themes, the tenth anniversary conference aims to showcase the best research in this field while also taking stock of how the field has developed to identify the emerging challenges we face.

We are particularly interested in scholarly and practice contributions that speak to these themes through a range of topics across various spheres and powers relations (global, gender) including (but not limited to):

  • The ethics of war and media ethics
  • Gender, war and media
  • Digital media and war
  • Memory, memorialization and commemoration
  • War, media and the visual
  • Narratives of war
  • Cultural spaces of war (incl. heritage, museum etc)
  • Popular culture and war (literature, film etc)
  • War and gaming
  • Media activism and war
  • Journalism and war (historical, contemporary)
  • Post war and media
  • Conflict prevention, peacekeeping and media
  • Terrorism, media and publics
  • Military, security and media
  • Publics, media and war

Please submit 250 word abstracts and author affiliation to: Sarah Maltby:

Panel submissions are welcome. Panel proposals should include a short description (200 words) together with abstracts for each of the papers (150-200 words each including details of the contributor), and the name and contact details of the panel proposer. The panel proposer should co-ordinate the submissions for that panel as a single proposal.

Deadline for abstracts: 10th January 2018

Registration Open: 22nd January to 29th March 2018
Full details to follow on the website: