Falklands/Malvinas: War, Media and Society – History and Legacy

Thursday 25th April and Friday 26th April 2019

Hosted by the University of Manchester.

Almost thirty-seven years have passed since the Falklands/Malvinas War and yet the conflict still resonates in the UK and Argentina. Once a little known far flung archipelago for the British, it is now recalled on a frequent basis with throwbacks to the ‘British Age’. For Argentines, the Islands still remain a symbol of national pride and identity under la causa Malvinas. The remoteness of the Islands, which proffered the War’s logistical implications, also continues to be of interest to nations external to the War, offering war-strategy and media management models.

Now, as the fortieth anniversary approaches and Marshall McLuhan’s ‘global village’ seems most distinct, reflecting upon the Falklands/Malvinas, the War, the Islanders themselves, the ongoing defence of the Islands, the diplomatic situation, and the position in the world then and now of not only the belligerent powers, but also other interested parties, enables us to pose and address histories, legacies and a number of questions.

What is the importance and legacy of the conflict thirty-six years on? How have scholarly and popular works regarding the conflict and the continued territorial dispute been represented since? What is the current shape and future scope of a nascent Falklands/Malvinas scholarship? This conference will be particularly interested in media coverage and military aspects of the conflict and thereafter. It aims to afford and facilitate a range of interdisciplinary approaches to investigate and examine these questions.

The conference will provide an opportunity for veterans from both sides, experienced and independent scholars, early career academics and postgraduate students, to share their ideas and present their research in a supportive and interdisciplinary environment. The event seeks to draw upon researchers from across the North-West and beyond, and possibly to initiate a ‘Falklands/Malvinas Network’ that might consider further projects and publications as the fortieth anniversary of the conflict draws near.


To achieve this, we will be running a two-day conference, at the University of Manchester on Thursday 25th April and Friday 26th April 2019.

The conference aims to bring together veterans from both sides, postgraduate students, early career researchers, senior academics and independent scholars and researchers from across interdisciplinary academic fields to present and share their research. With the firm commitment that every panel, where possible, will be balanced between academics and veterans to encourage as open and as frank an exchange as possible.

Through this, the conference will seek to shed new light on how this conflict has shaped not only our modern world, but also the way conflict is interpreted as a result and will assess what the legacies of the 1982 war are, through first-hand accounts and innovative research.

It is hoped that this conference will provide the opportunity to initiate a ‘Falklands/Malvinas Network’ and a possible publication as the fortieth anniversary of the War approaches. The event has already seen keen and strong interest to attend and present from postgraduate students, early career researchers, senior academics, archivists, librarians, and senior British veterans, such as Major General Julian Thompson, Commodore Michael Clapp, Rear Admiral Jeremy, Commander Graham Edmonds and former Secretary General of ICS and Second in Command of HMS Spartan during the Falklands War, Peter Hinchliffe.

How to submit an abstract

Submit an outline/abstract of roughly 300 words for papers to:

Submissions should also include the applicant’s name, email address and a 200 word biography.

Deadline is February 22nd 2019

Presenters will be allowed 20mins to present their papers, the question and answer session will be conducted as a panel at the end.

Papers can be on any topic within that outlined in the title, ie War, Media, Society or History & Legacy or a combination of all or any group. We would like veterans as well as academics to come forward for this conference, so any questions about this process or anything to do with the conference please do not hesitate to contact organisers on the email address above.