Kajaki – A Modern British War Film

A British war film based on soldiers from 3 Parachute Regiment stationed at the Kajaki Dam (Helmand Province) during one day of their six month tour of Afghanistan. Sold as a story of heroism, bravery and character focused.  In particular, the film makers contend that it offers a much needed and unique depiction of British soldiers in conflict as oppose to US and other nationalities. In their own words: “ is not side tracked by the political dimension of the war, but is a story of real people dealing with an impossible situation, like so many do every day.

About the film (taken from the Kajaki website):

A British soldier detonates a land mine and sets into motion a desperate rescue mission. His fellow Paras come to get him out, only to find themselves trapped in a minefield, with seemingly no way out… KAJAKI the movie follows some of the soldiers from 3 Para on one harrowing day during their six month tour of Afghanistan. It was the day of days… A day in which the heroism of their leader, Corporal Mark Wright, shone through with tragic consequences. Out of the tragedy came extraordinary tales of bravery and selflessness, not only of Corporal Wright but also his comrades, who risked their own lives to help fellow Paratroopers.

The film is also being supported by various UK fund raisers including Help for Heroes, The Royal British Legion, Walking with the Wounded and The Afghanistan Trust whose campaign on Indiegogo includes the following videos about the film:

Includes interview with Filmmakers:

For more information about the film visit the Kajaki website