Media War and Conflict Journal

Media, War & Conflict is a major international, peer-reviewed journal that maps the shifting arena of war, conflict and terrorism in an intensively and extensively mediated age. It explores cultural, political and technological transformations in media-military relations, journalistic practices, and new media, that arts and their impact on publics, policy, and outcomes of warfare. Media, War & Conflict is the first journal to be dedicated to this field. It publishes substantial research articles, shorter pieces, book reviews, letters and commentary, and includes an images section devoted to visual aspects of war and conflict.  The journal bridges communications, political science, sociology, history, cultural studies and other disciplines. It solicits submissions not just from academics but also professionals and practitioners working in areas related to this subject matter. The editors are looking for innovative, readable work that raises new issues as well as articles that examine new facets of traditional topics.

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Topic coverage includes:

  • Practices, cultures & ethics of covering wars, terrorism and political violence
  • Impacts of war and violent conflict upon media
  • Media coverage of wars, terrorism and political violence
  • Web 2.0 or 3.0, social media, new media and war
  • Art, aesthetics, film and war.
  • Visuality and other modalities in war & conflict
  • War, terrorism and political violence in popular culture
  • Media, archives & memory; mediated commemoration
  • Audience understandings of war and conflict; public diplomacy
  • Media-elites relations and their impact on conflicts and their coverage
  • Military communications and media strategies
  • Media in conflict resolution, reconciliation and community-building
  • Relationships between media and the technologies/politics of intelligence and security
  • Cybersecurity/cyberwar/cyberconflict

We particularly encourage submissions from the following academic disciplines and practitioner communities:

  • International Relations, Politics, Security Studies
  • Media and Communications
  • Cultural Studies
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Psychology
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Journalism, Documentary, Broadcast and Print Media
  • Archivists and Curators
  • Artists, Photographers, Film makers
  • Military and Security
  • NGOs, Activist Groups
  • Political actors
  • Lawyers


Media, War & Conflict is seeking articles. Longer articles should be approximately 7,000 words and shorter articles 5,000 words. Submissions will be refereed by anonymous reviewers. All articles should be accompanied by an abstract of approximately 150 words. The journal uses the Harvard system of referencing with the author’s name and date in the text, and a full reference list in alphabetical order at the end of the article. All submissions must be sent electronically as Microsoft Word documents and submitted via the website


  • Sarah Maltby, University of Sussex, UK
  • Ben O’Loughlin, Royal Holloway, UK
  • Katy Parry, University of Leeds, UK
  • Laura Roselle, Elon University, USA

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