MWC Special Issue (11:1) INFOCORE

Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2018
Guest Editor : Marie-Soleil Frère and Christoph Meyer



Navigating the complexities of media roles in conflict: The INFOCORE approach

Christoph O. MeyerChristian BadenMarie-Soleil Frère
First Published August 11, 2017; pp. 3–21



The search for common ground in conflict news research: Comparing the coverage of six current conflicts in domestic and international media over time

Christian BadenKeren Tenenboim-Weinblatt
First Published April 11, 2017; pp. 22–45

How conflict news comes into being: Reconstructing ‘reality’ through telling stories

Abit HoxhaThomas Hanitzsch
First Published September 20, 2017; pp. 46–64

The impact of media and NGOs on four European Parliament discourses about conflicts in the Middle East

Beatriz Herrero-JiménezCarlos Arcila CalderónAdolfo CarrataláRosa Berganza
First Published September 19, 2017; pp. 65–84

Between factoids and facts: The application of ‘evidence’ in NGO strategic communication on war and armed conflict

Romy FröhlichMarc Jungblut
First Published September 19, 2017; pp. 85–106

The role of the media in violent conflicts in the digital age: Israeli and Palestinian leaders’ perceptions

Gadi Wolfsfeld
First Published September 19, 2017; pp. 107–124

Exploring democracy and violence in Burundi: A multi-methodical analysis of hegemonic discourses on Twitter

Dimitra DimitrakopoulouSalomi Boukala
First Published September 19, 2017; pp. 125–148