Resistance to War 1914-1924

Leeds, United Kingdom, 18-20th March 2016.

Ingrid Sharp and colleagues are planning a major international conference for March 18th-20th 2016 to consider and debate the various forms and expressions of resistance to the First World War within and across national contexts.  It will coincide with the introduction of conscription in Britain, but will explore national, international and transnational aspects of resistance to the First World War.

Confirmed speakers so far include Cyril Pearce, Lois Bibbings and Julian Putkowski on Conscientious Objectors, Benjamin Ziemann on forms of German resistance to war and June Hannam on the Leeds-born peace activist Isabella Ford.

There will be panels on:

  • the cultural representations of pacifism and the mobilization of art and literature to oppose the war;
  • memory and commemoration of anti-war activism, including during the centenary;
  • Classicists’ resistance to war;
  • links and continuities with present-day organisations such as the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom;
  • groups and individuals committed to the international reconciliation of former enemies;
  • the global dimensions of war resistance;
  • ideological, feminist, political and religious motivations for opposing the war;
  • the costs of war in terms of human suffering and trauma;
  • Conscientious Objection and its international legacies
  • pacifism in the inter-war period.

Offers of individual papers, panels or round tables are welcome. Please send these (500 words and 1 page cv) to

We will be working with Leeds City Museums and Galleries to provide a forum for public debate and exchange of ideas and knowledge and welcome local history groups who are researching COs and other war resisters in their own areas.

Deadline for abstracts: March 20th 2015

The Conference is supported by Legacies of War, Leeds and the Gateways to the First World War, Kent