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22-23rd May 2018

The Media, War and Conflict Journal was born in the midst of a global war on terror that locked down time and space such that all conflicts seemed to become part of a single campaign. Since then there have been significant transformations in the way war and conflict is produced, enacted, negotiated, remembered and ‘felt’ in, through and with media.

The aim of the tenth anniversary conference is to consider, evaluate and reflect upon these transformations through Spaces of War and War of Spaces.

Spaces of War allows us to analyse how media spaces (traditional, digital, cultural, aesthetic, embodied, mnemonic) are used to position wars in space and time in a manner that transforms the conduct, outcomes and consequences of war for all involved.

War of Spaces allows us to analyse how ‘war’ actors (political, military, survivors, victims) utilize, integrate and compete over (media) space thereby recreating space and time in a manner that transforms the political, social, cultural and personal impact of media.

Drawing on these themes, the tenth anniversary conference aims to showcase the best research in this field while also taking stock of how the field has developed so as to identify the emerging challenges we face.