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Spaces of War, War of Spaces: Ben O’Loughlin and Laura Roselle

Part One: Spaces of War

  • War art, digital media and the audience encounter: Jane Quinn
  • The Cadastral: towards a visual forensics of in/visible spaces of war: Nicolette Barsdorf-Liebchen
  • Digital spaces of war: Genre and affective investments in RT’s representations of the Syrian conflict: Rhys Crilley & Precious N. Chatterje-Doody
  • Conspiracy and the epistemological challenges of mediatized conflict: Eileen Culloty
  • Command and control meets the decentralised network: Conventional militaries, social media and the information environment: Kevin Foster
  • The myth of a thousand westerns: Media and just war theory: Sean Aday

Part Two: War of Spaces

  • Liminality, gendering and Syrian alternative media spaces: Dina Matar & Kholoud Helmi
  • #Shaheed: A metaphotographic study of Kashmir’s insurgency (2014-2016): Nathaniel Brunt
  • The Plain (a photographic work-in-progress): Melanie Friend
  • This is not a bomb – matériel culture and the arms trade: Jill Gibbon
  • Dialogic spaces in the situation of conflict: stepping stones and sticking points: Liudmila Voronova
  • Perfect war and its contestations: Jolle Demmers, Lauren Gould & David Snetselaar


Where War Inhabits: Sarah Maltby and Katy Parry