The Boat: An Interactive Graphic Novel

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The Boat (Knopf cover) small

New York-based Australian Matt Huynh has created an interactive graphic novelisation of Nam Le’s award-winning story, The Boat a story about a 16-year-old refugee sent off alone by her parents after the fall of Saigon.

The Boat forms part of SBS’s commemoration of 40 years of Vietnamese resettlement in Australia.

Matt Huynh​’s parents, like Le’s, fled Vietnam after the war. Matt said he wanted his adaptation to ‘create an entry point into the conversation about refugees and asylum seekers today’.


‘When I talk casually to friends and younger people about these issues, I notice a reticence to enter the debate. I feel they’re afraid to enter into the issue because it feels overwhelming … this is an entry point’


Watch the interview with Matt Huynh below:

The full online graphic novel can be accessed here.

the boat

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