World War 1: Media, Entertainments & Popular Culture

imagesTwo Day Conference with an Exhibition and Performances
2nd and 3rd July 2015

People’s History Museum, Manchester, UK

Organised by: University of Chester, University of Salford, UCLAN, Manchester Metropolitan University, People’s History Museum.

The scope: this conference aims to bring together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to examine and discuss both contemporary and subsequent accounts, interpretations and uses of the First World War in terms of mass and popular media and entertainments.

We are inviting proposals for papers on any aspect of the Media, Entertainments and Popular Culture during and after the First World War.  Possible themes include,

  • Photography, films, newsreels
  • WWI celebrities
  • Contemporaneous press reportage
  • Wartime censorship
  • Oppositional/dissenting voices
  • Music hall performers
  • Wartime images
  • The popular press and WWI
  • Wartime and cultural memory
  • Popular music
  • Sports
  • Pubs and clubs
  • The war in popular fiction
  • Cartoons, Posters
  • Post 1918 popular uses of World War I themes.

Abstracts: Please email a 300-word abstract (stating your name, email address and institutional affiliation) to:

Web:  (under construction)


  • mwc-picA book of selected papers from the conference titled, World War I:  Media, Entertainments & Popular Culture.  This will be a companion volume to our book World War II and the Media (2014).
  • A dedicated edition of Media, War & Conflict (Sage Publications).
  • Exhibition and performances leading up to and during the conference at the People’s History Museum.  We hope you can suggest materials (songs, film, photographs) to be included.


Organising Committee

Address for correspondence

Dr Chris Hart, Department of Media, Warrington Campus, Faculty of Media and Performing Arts, University of Chester, England WA2 ODB


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