About Me

My name is Sarah Maltby and I am a Professor in Media and Communications at the School of Media, Film and Music, Sussex University.

My core academic interests centre upon the intersection between contemporary (digital) media, military practice, memory and identity and their relationship to military, journalistic and artistic output.  I am the author of  Remembering the Falklands War: Media, Memory, Identity (2016, pictured left), Military Media Management: Negotiating the Frontline (2012) and Co-Editor of Communicating War: Memory, Military and Media (2007).  I am also one the Editors for the Sage Journal Media, War and Conflict.

I am the Founder and Coordinator of the War and Media Network, an international and multi-disciplinary online resource and networking forum that aims to promote productive dialogue between academics and practitioners interested in the intersection between war, terrorism and the media.

I was the Curator and Organiser of the War and Body Exhibition (2010), held at Blackall Studios in London and is the Director and Producer of the short film ‘Unseen Enemy: War Stories in Public Places’ (2014) published on REFRAME.