The Project

The ‘What does The Yomper mean to me’ is exploring people’s responses to ‘The Yomper’ image, whether it evokes any particular memories or understandings of the war, whether people have any specific views or opinions about the image and how it has been used since 1982.

It is an exploratory, unfunded project and therefore driven by the enthusiasm of those willing to take part in it.

I am particularly interested in the views of those who have a connection to the Falklands/Malvinas or the 1982 war in some way. For example but not limited to, those who have a link to the Islands, those who fought during the war or know someone who did, those who have taken part in or organised commemorative activities around the war, or those who have been involved in documenting the war in some way.

But, I am also interested in the views of those who have no connection to the war but who recognise this image as iconic in some way, and for whom it triggers particular memories or thoughts about the war but also beyond.

If you would like to be part of this project please visit the ‘Your Involvement’ page or email on for more information