The War and Media Network is based at the University of Sussex, UK. It was founded in 2003 in recognition of the global interest in the subject of War and Media as an important area of research and debate. 

The aim of the WAM Network is to establish productive dialogue between academics and practitioners interested in this area. The WAM Network now has over 600 international members from academia, and the defence, journalistic and artistic communities.

The War and Media Network Website is a resource that members can draw upon and contribute to. It provides opportunities to disseminate material and promote events related to war and media. Membership of the network permits email notification of future War and Media Network events, as well as other events, information, publication and news about war and media.

In 2012 the network also established direct links with the Sage major international journal ‘Media, War and Conflict’ that maps the shifting arena of war, conflict and terrorism in our intensively and extensively mediated age.  We hosted our 10th Anniversary conference in Italy in 2018 ‘Spaces of War: War of Spaces’

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