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Commemoration of the Battle of the Somme 1916

Amiens, June 6-10, 2016

The four days will be devoted to the first centennial of the Battle of the Somme. We will focus on the consequences brought about by the shock produced on the peoples of the main protagonists on the French battlefield : the United Kingdom, France and Germany.
As a matter of fact their troops faced one another on July 1st 1916 which happened to be a watershed for the United Kingdom and its Empire.

Only the United Kingdom and Germany will be taken into account.

Two main points will be studied
1- the period before « the Big Push »
2- the shock waves produced by the trauma

6-7 June 2016
Lecture Room Robert Mallet CRDP

Films will be shown to conjure up heartening or strong impressions meant for public opinion in order to raise feelings of patriotism. The stress will be laid on memory so that the real human tragedy can be approached :

  • 1- contemporary silent movies will be shown meant for propaganda in both countries : Germany and the United Kingdom
  • 2- excerpts from recent films will be commented.
  • 3- British and German songs will be interpreted by the students of the Conservatoire National de la Région d’Amiens

8-9 June 2016
Logis du Roy

Conference on the causes of the British and the French entering the war.
Heroism, patriotism prevailed over despondency despite heavy casualties in France, Belgium, Turkey (Gallipoli). The unflinching support of the British Empire contributed to the determination to achieve victory.
The secret attempts of peace from Germany will be evoked.
Letters from soldiers in both camps will be read and exhibited disclosing the distress of bereaved nations.

Memorials and cemetaries will be visited : guided visits of Thiepval, Albert, Pozières, Villers-Bretonneux will be made possible thanks to the Historial de Péronne

The abstracts of the presentations are to be sent to Professor Pierre Sicard :