Issue Aug 2010 3 (2)

mwc coverARTICLES

Colleen Murrell
Baghdad bureaux: an exploration of the interconnected world of fixers and correspondents at the BBC and CNN Media, War & Conflict,

Klas Backholm and Kaj Björkqvist
The effects of exposure to crisis on well-being of journalists: a study of crisis-related factors predicting psychological health in a sample of Finnish journalists Media, War & Conflict

Erin Steuter and Deborah Wills
‘The vermin have struck again’: dehumanizing the enemy in post 9/11 media representations Media, War & Conflict

Ülkü Güney
We see our people suffering’: the war, the mass media and the reproduction of Muslim identity among youth Media, War & Conflict August 2010 3: 168-181,

Françoise Ugochukwu
The Nigerian civil war and its media: groping for clues Media, War & Conflict

Richard Rogers and Anat Ben-David
Coming to terms: a conflict analysis of the usage, in official and unofficial sources, of ‘security fence’, ‘apartheid wall’, and other terms for the structure between Israel and the Palestinian territories Media, War & Conflict


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