Issue Dec 2009 2 (3)

mwc coverThe Genocide Video
Allan Thompson

Al-Jazeera English and Global News Networks: Clash of Civilizations or Cross-Cultural Dialogue?
Shawn Powers and Mohammed el-Nawawy

The Great Movement to Resist America and Assist Korea: How Beijing Sold the Korean War
Gary Rawnsley

Media Coverage and Israel’s ‘Four Mothers’ Antiwar Protest: Agendas, Tactics, and Political Context in Movement Success
Daniel Lieberfield

CONELRAD on the Front Line of Cold War Defense (5,664 words)
Susan Brinson

Book Reviews

Jan Melisssen (ed.)
The New Public Diplomacy: Soft Power in International Relations Reviewed by Daya Thussu

Tim Brooks
British Propaganda to France 1940-1944: Machinery, Method and Message Reviewed by Ron Schiefler (804 words)

Stephen Law (ed.)
Israel, Palestine and Terror Reviewed by Oliver Boyd-Barrett (1,738 words)

Alex J. Bellamy
Responsibility to Protect: The Global Effort to End Mass Atrocities
Hugo Slim
Killing Civilians: Method, Madness and Morality in War
Both Reviewed by Stephanie Carvin

Virginia Held
How Terrorism is Wrong: Morality and Political Violence Reviewed by Matteo Stocchetti