New Book: Syria in Perspective

By Dr Pablo Sapag

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The book considers the propagandistic and military dimensions of the crisis, suggesting how Syria might evolve. At the heart of this analysis is a key element of Syrian society: its ingrained interconfessional character deriving from the historical presence on its soil of various religious faiths. Powerful minorities have, however, repeatedly applied political and military pressure to force the state to abandon its non-religious and non-discriminatory character.

The author’s review of scholarly texts is combined with research in Syria and other countries. He has conducted interviews with religious leaders, NGO personnel, combatants, displaced people and other victims. Among those interviewed is the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, who offers his perspective on the crisis and on the country’s past and future.

About the Author

Dr. Pablo Sapag has worked as a journalist and war correspondent for a Spanish public broadcasting corporation and is now a professor at Madrid Complutense University where he specializes in Syria, international relations, the media, propaganda and war. 

He has published books and articles on foreign media coverage of the Syrian crisis, on Syrian Christians and Facebook during the conflict and on the Syrian diaspora.  He is also the author of books and articles on the situation of Chile during the Spanish Civil War and war journalism.  He is a contributor to the Sage Encyclopedia of War.