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The First World War Literature, Culture, Modernity

Edited by Santanu Das and Kate McLoughlin

This volume arose from a British Academy Landmark Conference organized in 2014 and is published by Oxford University Press for the British Academy.

  • The book provides a more expanded and global understanding of First World War literature and culture
  • Examines the work of notable literary figures such as Owen, Rosenberg, Jones, H.G. Wells, Thomas Hardy, Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West, Anna Akhmatova, and Rabindranath Tagore
  • Covers a range of literary themes such as ideas of silence, sacrifice, the unfathomable, and the divide between the living and the dead
  • Uses the visual arts, including film, photography, and the fine arts to further explore the cultural history of the First World War

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: Santanu Das & Kate McLoughlin

Part 1: Unfathomable

  • Three War Veterans Who Don’t Tell War Stories: Kate McLoughlin, University of Oxford
  • Scaling War: Poetic Calibration and Mythic Measures in David Jones’s In Parenthesis: Hope Wolf, University of Sussex
  • Imbalances: Mass Death and the Economy of ‘Sacrifice’ in the Great War: Vincent Sherry, Washington University of St. Louis

Part 2: Scoping the War

  • Civilians Writing the War: Metaphor, Proximity, Action: Sarah Cole, Columbia University
  • First World War Film and the Face of Death: Laura Marcus, University of Oxford
  • The Zeppelin in the Sky of the Mind: Christine Froula, Northwestern University
  • Dissent and the Literature of the First World War: Wyndham Lewis and Henry Williamson: Mark Rawlinson, University of Leicester

Part 3: ‘Cosmopolitan Sympathies’?

  • ‘Cosmopolitan Sympathies’: Poetry of the First Global War: Jahan Ramazani, University of Virginia
  • Maternal Cosmopoetics: Käthe Kollwitz and European Women Poets of the First World War: Margaret Higonnet, University of Connecticut
  • Encountering War, Encountering Others: Claire Buck, Wheaton College
  • Entangled Emotions: Race, Encounters and Anti-Colonial Cosmopolitanism: Santanu Das, King’s College London