The Lonely Soldier Monologues

The Lonely Soldier Monologues is a play that hears from 7 women who served in the US Armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It exposes some “shocking truths” about war and asks questions about the military, our society and our western culture.

“But coming home was hard. It’s like you’re a ghost. Like you died and you’re coming back to life and you’ve got to weasel your way back in because everyone had to adjust without you.”

The play explores why the women enlisted, what they endured and how it affected them when they came home. The women, who fought in the war between 2003 and 2006, personify the situation of women in the military today.

Although told from the viewpoint of American women the play explores universal issues of women living and working in a male dominated world.

The full production will be running at The Cockpit, London 6th – 31st May 2015.  

Wednesday 6th to Sunday 31st May 2015.
Wednesdays to Saturdays – 7.30pm.
Sundays – 3.00pm

Tickets can be purchased here


**Award winning photographer Mary F. Calvert, produced the photograph above that depicts US Army Specialist. Natasha Schuette, 21. She was pressured to not report being assaulted by her drill sergeant during training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The US Army rewarded Natasha for her courage to finally report her assault and the Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response & Prevention office distributed a training video featuring her story.