Unseen Enemy: War Stories in Public Spaces

REFRAME Conversations‘ video Unseen Enemy: War Stories in Public Spaces draws on the British National Army Museum’s “Unseen Enemy” exhibition (2013-2014) to explore the ways in which museums – as cultural public spaces – are used to tell stories of war and the combat experience.

The Unseen Enemy exhibition, which told a story of Improvised Explosive Devices and their impact in Afghanistan, raised critical questions about how the disembodied technologies of war and the embodied human experience of war are mediated and explained in public cultural spaces, and how this relates to the wider politics of war and militarization.

The “Unseen Enemy: War Stories in Public Spaces” video addresses these questions through the reflections of the Exhibition’s co-curator Amy Cameron and three participants invited to visit the exhibition by the film’s director Dr Sarah MaltbyDr Katy Parry, Lecturer, The Institute for Communication Studies, Leeds University; Melanie Friend, Photographer and Senior Lecturer, Sussex University; and Craig Ames, Lens Based Practitioner and Senior Lecturer, University of Sunderland.

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For further information please contact Sarah Maltby: s.maltby@sussex.ac.uk